After seven years of successful operation we are sad to have to say goodbye to Oh My Cod.

Those of you local to Bangkok know there was a fire in the kitchen and this damaged a large number of our kitchen equipment pieces as well as damanged to the two floors of the hotel directly above us. Due to this and the hotel owners believing that the fire was a cause of negligence they revoked the lease that was currently in place as well as contacting the police in hopes they could somehow squeeze some extra money out of the situation.

So with a heavy heart and more than the usual dose of disgust at the way things seem to go in Thailand for non Thai people we decided the only thing we could do was lock the doors put the equipment in stoage and hope for the best moving forward.

To all the great employees that are affected by this closing we wish you all the best and are sorry we can't continue to operate and help provide you with a living.

Good luck one and all and to the hotel owners we say a hearty FU